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A Taste of DE&I

Kelli McMillan  (Director, Global Partners (TSBs/TSDs), Five9)

Brandon Knight  (Global Head of ZCX Channel & Ecosystem, Zoom)

Devan Adams  (Senior Principal Analyst, Informa)

Mobolaji Sokunbi  (Director, Small Business ​Alternative Routes to Market​, Dell Technologies)

Location: Level 2 (Main Level), Keynote Room, The Venetian Ballroom F

Date: Monday, March 11

Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Pass Type: All Access, CP Conference, Expo + Keynote, MSP Summit Conference - Get your pass now!

Session Type: Networking

Vault Recording: TBD

Network, nosh and gain insights to DE&I in the channel from the Xposure Inclusion & Diversity Council. This pre-luncheon session will be filled with good things for the mind and body. Enjoy sweet and savory treats and a panel on the true business impact of DE&I. That will be followed by quick roundtables on a variety of DE&I topics hosted by members of Xposure. Choose the topic of most interest to you.


  • 11-11:05am Opening
  • 11:05-11:25am Panel: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Business World: Understanding the True Impact
  • 11:25-11:40am Roundtables
  • 11:40-11:45am Wrap-Up

Panel Description: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Business World: Understanding the True Impact

There’s a ripple effect happening in the technology and communications industries around inclusive culture and equity practices within corporate organizations. The news lately has been filled with reports of businesses questioning whether to continue funding their DE&I programs which raises many questions and could impact an organization’s competitive edge and performance. In this session, attendees will hear a discussion that delves into the often-overlooked consequences companies face if they lack diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) programs. Attendees will hear from a panel of experts who will offer perspectives for channel and business leaders who need to understand how critical DE&I programs are and how to articulate the impacts of these critical initiatives, their value and the benefits of applying resources and funds to such strategies. Hear proven strategies when it comes to how DE&I programs can affect not only the workplace culture but also the overall success and sustainability of your business structure.

Roundtable Tables & Topics:

  • 1 Increased Innovation and Creativity: Explore how a diverse workforce fosters a variety of perspectives, leading to increased innovation and creativity in problem-solving.
  • 2 Enhancing Customer Relationships: Discuss how a diverse and inclusive workforce can better understand and connect with a diverse customer base, leading to improved customer relationships.
  • 3 Talent Attraction and Retention: Explore how a commitment to DE&I enhances an organization's ability to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market.
  • 4 Market Expansion and Global Competitiveness: Discuss how a diverse workforce positions companies to better understand and navigate global markets, improving competitiveness on a global scale.
  • 5 Improved Decision-Making: Explore how diverse teams contribute to more robust decision-making processes by incorporating a wide range of perspectives and experiences.
  • 6 Reduced Employee Turnover Costs: Discuss how fostering an inclusive workplace can reduce turnover by creating a positive and supportive environment, ultimately saving on recruitment and training costs.
  • 7 Legal and Reputational Risks: Explore how organizations that prioritize DE&I are better positioned to mitigate legal and reputational risks associated with discrimination and lack of inclusivity.
  • 8 Access to a Broader Talent Pool: Discuss how a commitment to diversity expands the talent pool, allowing organizations to tap into a wider range of skills and experiences.
  • 9 Innovation in Product Development: Explore how diverse teams contribute to more innovative and market-responsive product development processes.
  • 10 Brand Image and Corporate Social Responsibility: Discuss how a commitment to DE&I positively impacts a company's brand image and aligns with corporate social responsibility goals.
  • 11 Employee Engagement and Productivity: Explore how an inclusive workplace fosters higher levels of employee engagement, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  • 12 Adaptability to Changing Demographics: Discuss the importance of adapting to changing demographic trends and how DE&I initiatives prepare organizations for a more diverse future workforce.
  • 13 Supply Chain and Business Partner Relations: Explore how DE&I initiatives can extend to supply chains and business partner relationships, enhancing collaboration and mutual success.
  • 14 Customer Loyalty and Market Share: Discuss how a commitment to DE&I can enhance customer loyalty and contribute to gaining or maintaining market share in competitive industries.
  • 15 Financial Performance: Explore the correlation between DE&I initiatives and financial performance, citing examples of companies that have seen positive financial outcomes as a result of prioritizing diversity and inclusion.