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Gina SolomonFounder & Managing PartnerTGS Partners - Telecom Global Support

Gina Solomon has quickly become a notable figure in the tech industry as founder of Telecom Global Support (TGS Partners). Her distinguished achievement as a President's Club Winner at Comcast highlights her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Embarking on her entrepreneurial path at 26, Gina made a seamless transition from a standout Channel Sales Manager at TelAdvocate to spearheading her successful firm, demonstrating her significant impact in a competitive field.

As the founder of TGS Partners, Gina's innovative leadership is reshaping a traditionally male-dominated sector. Her journey from Comcast to launching her own company is filled with notable achievements. Under her leadership, TGS Partners has had a stellar first year, with strategic client engagements and partnerships laying a solid foundation for ongoing growth.

While Gina's business savvy is evident, she also subtly champions gender diversity in technology. Through her efforts, she promotes a more inclusive industry, subtly yet effectively challenging longstanding norms and encouraging the support of women in tech.

Gina's story is a powerful example of how innovation, determination, and a nuanced approach to advocacy can lead to remarkable success. Her achievements not only underscore her role as a dynamic leader in telecommunications but also highlight her as an advocate for positive change, inspiring both women and men in the tech industry. Her story serves as a beacon for young, driven entrepreneurs, especially women, illustrating that with passion and perseverance, it's possible to break molds and lead with distinction in the evolving tech landscape.