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Fred WhippVice President, Business Developmentmpro5

Fred Whipp, originally from the United Kingdom and now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the vice president of business development for mpro5. With a strong technical background and extensive experience in data analytics, Whipp possesses in-depth knowledge of the impressive features offered by mpro5. His passion for IoT sensors and smart buildings goes beyond his professional life, as he has successfully integrated these innovative technologies into his own home using sensors and automation. Whipp’s commitment to advancing the industry is evident in his primary objective of expanding mpro5's footprint in the North American market. Collaborating with partners who are equally eager to establish recurring revenue streams, Whipp aims to revolutionize facility management by leveraging the power of mpro5's cutting-edge solutions. His dedication to providing businesses with comprehensive data-driven decision-making tools and efficient facility management strategies is unmatched.