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Mark PalmerVice President of Managed ServicedGranite

Mark Palmer is Vice President of Managed Services at Granite Telecommunications. Mark currently works to build solutions to help customers have better visibility and control over their networks' health.
Mark previously worked at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) in 1995 - 1996 as a service splice technician upgrading phone services at older facilities. In 1999, Mark moved his career to direct sales, working for Network Plus. By 2001, Mark was helping launch a new Network Plus office in Philadelphia, PA.

Mark joined the Granite Telecommunications team shortly after its founding in 2002, selling analog phone lines. In 2011, he was asked to help start the Granite data team to sell non-POTS service to our customer base. In 2015 Mark was named one of the first directors in the Relationship Development team, which was more proactive in understanding customer goals and ensuring that we were helping to meet them. In 2017, Mark hit his 15th year with Granite Telecommunications and was asked to work with the Granite Channels team to develop programs introducing current clients and agents to next-generation products Granite delivers today.

Mark lives in Rhode Island with his wife and three children. He is currently the President of the non-profit Burrillville Junior Hockey League and very much enjoys coaching his children's hockey teams.