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Ian KhanChief FuturistFuturacy

Multiple documentary film maker, author and featured on CNN, CTV, Global TV and other global media, Ian Khan is a highly recognized technology Futurist and leadership expert. With clients including the Prime Ministers Office of UAE, the worlds only country with a minister of Artificial Intelligence, leading professional associations & industry groups, and enterprise clients, Ian is a globally recognized influencer and critical thinker. 

Ian is a collaborator to many incredible projects, including co-author to “After Shock” and contributor to McGrawHill, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other highy recognized media outlets. As a media host and influencer, Ian actively manages is host of multiple podcast and YouTube channels, featuring industry leaders, change makers and industry icons.

Ian speaks across industries including Manufacturing, Services, Retail, Accounting, Healthcare, Transportation and others on topics including Artificial Intelligence & Leadership, Blockchain & the Future of Trust, The Upcoming Mobility Era to Leadership & Future Readiness. He is also the creator of the Future Readiness Score, helping organizations become disruption poof.

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