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Arsalan EizadiradSenior Manager, Global MSP StrategyLenovo

Arsalan Eizadirad, senior manager of global MSP strategy for Lenovo, is a seasoned technology enthusiast boasting an impressive track record spanning more than 18 years. With a multifaceted background encompassing sales, enterprise architecture and leadership, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and fostering a culture of bold and unconventional thinking. Eizadirad is renowned as a true instigator, never shying away from new challenges and always on the lookout for uncharted paths to explore. As a passionate leader, his dedication to service excellence is unwavering. He thrives on continuously enhancing and revolutionizing the landscape of his field. His leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in empowering his team and stakeholders to embrace a mindset of free thinking and to approach problems with creativity and determination. As the worldwide MSP strategy manager at Lenovo, Eizadirad is at the forefront of shaping the technological landscape. His role involves not only envisioning innovative strategies but also translating them into actionable plans that drive success on a global scale. Eizadirad 's journey is an embodiment of his relentless pursuit of excellence, his penchant for fostering innovation, and his unwavering commitment to propelling both himself and his field forward.