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Jacqueline DuffyDirector of Channel | US & CanadaUnisys

Jacqueline Duffy is a distinguished executive leader with a 16-year tenure in channel leadership. Renowned for her exceptional track record, Duffy has played a pivotal role in shaping the channel landscape, particularly through her instrumental role in establishing and launching the Unisys Channel and Alliances Referral Partner Program. Currently serving as the director of global alliances at Unisys, Duffy brings a wealth of experience spanning network, colocation, cloud, security and AI/ML. Her extensive background allows her to offer a unique perspective, having worked with trusted advisors, technology service distributors (TSDs), and service providers. Beyond day-to-day operations, she is committed to providing unbiased guidance to the channel partner community. Her overarching goal is to lead partners in embracing next-generation technologies, with a particular emphasis on the significance of cloud adoption in today's dynamic business landscape. Through these efforts, Duffy ensures not only the security but also the value and trust associated with the channel partner's role. Prior to joining Unisys, she held positions at organizations such as Level 3, Colo4 Dallas (Tierpoint), Avant Communications and Rackspace technology. Throughout her career, Duffy’s commitment to doing what is right and best for channel partners, customers and peers has remained unwavering, making her a respected and influential figure in the channel leadership domain.