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Ryan BelcherTechnology AdvisorEP-PRO

With more than 30 years of experience, Ryan Belcher isn't your typical tech advisor. He started young, running phone cables at 13, fostering a hands-on understanding of networks and infrastructure. This foundation, combined with 30 years of communications expertise, allows him to confidently guide clients through complex technology transitions.

At EP-Pro, Belcher set the trajectory for early VoIP adoption, both on-premise and hosted. He advises clients across communications, contact centers, networking, and security, navigating the evolution from analog to cloud. He speaks their language, whether it's TDM or fiber, LAN/WAN or WiFi, bridging the gap with confidence.

Belcher’s journey began in the mid-1990’s with DOS, Netware, and MCSE certification, solidifying his networking fundamentals. His early exposure to healthcare IT, through trade shows and interactions with medical professionals, instilled a sensitivity to industry-specific challenges.

Belcher’s real-world experience is invaluable to his role at EP-Pro. He rolls up his sleeves, troubleshooting and training, keeping him grounded in client needs. This authentic approach resonates with clients, helping to build trust and lasting relationships.

More than just technology, Ryan's passion lies in:

-Guiding clients to the right path: Choosing the best integration and digital migration solutions for their unique needs.

-Demystifying the complex: Translating technical jargon into clear, actionable steps, building confidence and buy-in.

-Staying ahead of the curve: Continuously learning and exploring emerging technologies to ensure clients are future-proof.