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Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2023

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THE MSP Mentor: Accelerate Your MSP Business: 3-Part Workshop

Len DiCostanzo  (CEO , MSP Toolkit)

Peter Kujawa  (Vice President, Service Leadership, a Connectwise Solution)

Jake Carroll  (VP of Sales, OSR Manage)

Andra Hedden  (CMO | Owner , Marketopia)

Peter Melby  (Chief Revenue Officer , New Charter Technologies)

Neil Medwed  (VP Corporate Development and M&A, Meriplex)

Mitch Morgan  (CEO, New Charter Technologies)

Larry Cobrin  (Founder & CEO, MSPCFO)

Chance Weaver  (SVP Global Microsoft Practice , New Charter Technologies)

Sam Ruggeri  (Founder, Advanced Vision Technology Group)

Scott Barlow  (Vice President, Global MSP & Cloud Alliances, Sophos)

Rob Rae  (CVP of Communities and Ecosystems, Pax8)

Lori Tisinai  (President, Computer Concepts USA)

Location: Level 2, The Venetian Ballroom I

Date: Monday, May 1

Time: 2:50 pm - 4:45 pm

Pass Type: All Access, MSP Summit Conference

Session Type: Workshop

Vault Recording: TBD

Building and Managing a Sales Pipeline to Close More Deals

To build a substantial business, MSPs must become operationally mature. Key to that maturity is realizing you need a plan to drive sales. Then you need to execute — and that’s easier said than done. For this session, we have pulled together MSP experts to discuss their experience building and managing a sales pipeline to close more deals.

After attending this session, MSPs will understand:

  1. Key considerations when driving leads to fill their sales plan
  2. How to build a sales plan
  3. What to look for when hiring sales reps
  4. How to set quotas your team can meet and exceed
  5. Keys to closing more business
Our Expert Panelists:

  1. Jake Carrol, OSR Manage
  2. Andra Hedden, Marketopia
  3. Peter Melby, New Charter Technologies
  4. Scott Barlow, Vice President, Global MSP & Cloud Alliances, Sophos


MSP Finance 101: The Key Metrics to Monitor and Manage

Most MSP businesses were founded by someone with a passion for technology that they wanted to monetize. Suddenly, these founders had a business on their hands forcing them to learn how to manage finances --a whole new skill set — to manage a thriving MSP business. But with the current state of consolidation in the MSP channel being driven by venture capitalists, private equity firms and large partners, there is an urgent need for MSPs to thoroughly grasp the financial side of the business. Whether your MSP started out from a love of technology or was born out of interest in the business side of the house, managing your business’ financial operations is more important than ever.

Join our panel of MSP finance experts as they discuss:

  1. Key metrics to define and measure
  2. How to course correct
  3. A financially healthy MSP
  4. Keys to look at when acquiring MSPs
  5. Getting in shape to be acquired
Our Expert Panelists:

  1. Neil Medwed, Meriplex
  2. Mitch Morgan, New Charter Technologies
  3. Larry Cobrin, MSPCFO
  4. Peter Kujawa, Service Leadership, a Connectwise Solution


Next-Generation MSP Platforms: The Building Blocks of Your Business

For channel partners looking to extend their managed services and recurring revenue streams, now is the time to review the platforms and tools used to run, manage and scale the business. Being proactive will allow executives to take their organizations to new heights. Every MSP understands that it’s dangerous to ignore new technologies that can provide expanded service delivery automation and optimization opportunities. There’s no doubt your competition will embrace such modern technologies, especially startups with no legacy baggage. Beat rivals to the punch when it comes to reducing costs, simplifying administration and ensuring client satisfaction. You don’t want to get left behind.

Join us for this insightful session as we bring together an expert panel to discuss:

  1. The current state of MSP tools and platforms to run an MSP
  2. New technologies to accelerate operational maturity
  3. A wish list for vendors looking to serve the needs of MSPs
Our Expert Panelists:

  1. Chance Weaver, New Charter Technologies
  2. Sam Ruggeri, Advanced Vision Technology
  3. Rob Rae, CVP of Community and Ecosystem, Pax8
  4. Lori Tisinai, President, Computer Concepts USA