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Relationship Economics: Account-Based Relationships and the Role of AI

David Nour  (Senior leadership/board advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author, The Nour Group)

Location: Level 1 (Lower Level), Casanova 603

Date: Wednesday, March 13

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Session Type: Workshop

Track: AI Symposium

Vault Recording: TBD

Channel leaders looking to deepen their business relationships to advance their business need to master the economics of relationships — and that’s the focus of this special in-depth session. Join this highly interactive, hands-on workshop focused on the intersection of design thinking, systems thinking and account-based relationships. It builds upon David Nour’s Channel Partners Conference keynote on the Consequences of AI on Enterprise Relationships. Using individual and small group exercises, Nour will focus on the fundamentals and how AI can accelerate much of the mundane — often heavy lifting — in the process. Join us for a highly practical, pragmatic and actionable session that you can learn today and apply tomorrow.

During this session, Nour will break down three critical enablers of deepening a more intentional, quantifiable and strategic value of business relationships in every enterprise account:

  • Organizing Your Relationships: When channel leaders begin organizing their relationship banks, they focus on fewer yet more meaningful relationships that are instrumental to success. By amplifying awareness of updates about these relationships they become more contextually relevant, heighten their touch cadence and create greater value in every interaction.
  • Activating Your Relationships: In many enterprise opportunity pursuits, partner executives often don’t ask enough “who” questions. Start with these: Who do we need, who do we know and how can we connect the dots with a unique value-add? This technique is known as intelligent relationship mapping and it lets anyone activate both known and hidden relationships to identify the path of least resistance in bridging the gap between existing and aspirational relationships.
  • Monetizing Your Relationships: We have all heard of account-based marketing or account-based experiences. In this session we will explore the value of account-based relationships (ABR), where a team of the most relevant talent collaborates to bridge the gap between the current and future states of the relationship and prioritize their pursuits. This is more than strategic account selling; this is a fundamental focus on creating a defensible moat around the most valuable account relationships.

Key topics in the workshop include:

  • Intelligent Relationship Mapping: Learn to be more intentional about the business relationships in which you choose to invest.
  • Design Thinking and Strategic Relationships: An iterative approach to creating and sustaining value in strategic relationships.
  • Your Relationship Brand Familiarity: Aim to build a preference for your technical competencies and an insistence on the manner with which you build strategic relationships.
  • Relationship-Centric Team Blueprint: Learn what high-performing individuals teams, and organizations do exceptionally well in their strategic relationships.
  • Account Strategic Relationship Planning (SRP): Bridge the gap between the current and future states of your most valuable account relationships.
  • Ten Relationship Impact Moments: Attributes that 10,000 data points highlight as the most consistent approaches to accelerating relationship performance, execution and results.
  • Your 30-, 60-, 90-Day Personal Action Plan: Map the specific actions to be implemented in the 90 days following this workshop.