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Go Inside the Channel Partners Thunderdome: Security

Kevin McDonald  (COO and CISO, Alvaka Networks)

Mark Palmer  (Vice President of Managed Serviced, Granite)

Lynn Weddle  (Founder & Co-Partner, RedLegg)

Nadir Merchant  (General Manager and CTO, IT Glue)

Andrew Harris  (Sr. Director - Cyber Security & Strategic Solutions, Lumen)

Date: Tuesday, March 2

Time: 2:25pm - 2:55pm

Session Type: Thunderdome

Vault Recording: TBD

This is where education meets entertainment under one roof. It is no ordinary panel and not your typical conference discussion. Join a session that differentiates and defines the Channel Partners Conference & Expo—it’s called Thunderdome---where speakers go head-to-head with the only winner being our attendees. This session will bring to light what is important to channel partners who are in the business of providing security solutions. Find out where there is money to be made, the suppliers who can provide the best products and what matters to customers. Our victims—excuse me, our panelists—will have an opportunity to pitch their products and value proposition, participate in a lightning round and face the tough questions submitted by our attendees. This is no easy feat especially when it comes to talking about complex solutions. Open to all registrants--but reserved for the grittiest and toughest of all speakers on our agenda.