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Financials Are Scary. Get Over It

Tracy Pound  (Managing Director, MaximITy Limited)

Date: Thursday, March 4

Time: 11:00am - 11:20am

Session Type: Keynote

Vault Recording: TBD

The topics that typically dominant conversations between channel partners and their strategic suppliers focus on technology, sales growth or customer trends. What needs to be weaved into that dialogue more frequently is the topic of financial performance and expectations. In this session, we will explore why vendors and partners need to understand what fear-based decisions look like and how avoid them especially around short-term financials. Business leaders need to improve their financial acuity so they can learn how to spot the signs when quality is being sacrificed for cost and how to buck trends that can damage the business and customer relationships. For channel vendors and partners alike, it is time to get over it.

Key takeaways include:
• The impact customer experience has on the ability to manage financials
• Why it is vital for vendors to have an open conversation with their partners around financial performance and expectations.
• The value of the customer experience
• What a channel partner’s pricing strategy says about the organization.